anyone tried prosper?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by billyjoerob, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Actually it might be better as a source of money. If you establish a good track record, could get cash for less than a bank.
  2. smili


    I encourage you to study the loss history of loans before loaning cash and read history of some lenders. I tried about 15 loans or so over there and think I probably broke about even or lost a bit. I understand they redid their credit algorithm and might be stricter on application now, so trends may have improved, but my impression is that alot of the lenders that have been there awhile have had a tough time making it work. Collections were very weak on bad debt.

    anyhow, just an "advance with caution" warning before you put too much cash into it.
  3. drcha


    You can loan me some money. My credit score is very high :)
  4. kxvid


    The only people making money off prosper are the website owners and delinquent debtors.
  5. Would you lend 4 Grand to a homeless guy panhandling on the corner?