Anyone Tried Gunnar Optiks Glasses?

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    sarah palin style :p
  2. No need for screens. Like a movie screen in ya face. Great idea Trade while driving or on bus.
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    wtf are you trying to say here? Somewhat understandable English would be nice.
  4. It's a giant movie screen in your face using those glasses. No need for screens. The giant screen glasses are all you need. Like being at the movies. Trade on the bus if you can. Understand? Save money on screens. All u need is the glasses. Perfect clarity
  5. Yep, I own a pair of the Attache'. I like them. I don't know if it is psychosomatic, but I think my eyes are less fatigued at the end of the day.

    P.S. That's a good price for those on
  6. Any issues with adjusting for resolution or color? Mine are a bit fuzzy if I open up to many windows. Let me warn ya. Don't wear them in the sun. I tried mine at the pool and almost went blind and couldn't see the screens not to mention all the odd looks I got
  7. I guess you could always switch to black and white mode but then you couldn't see the candle colors. The glasses and wii controller are perfect tool for scalpers. Just be careful in public since people may think your sword fighting or challenging them to a duel. Safety first when it comes to the glasses
  8. I have been using Gunnars for about 6 months. They have made a huge difference in my comfort level in front of 6 screens 8 hours a day. There is much less eye strain and headaches in the afternoon once I get out in the natural light. They really make my screens color pop. I opted for the optional subtle magnification and it really helps reading quotes and the tape on little montage screens that fill up my screens. NO MORE MISSED PRINTS. I highly recomend them!!! Your fellow traders will make fun of you at first, but after awhile they will all be converts.
  9. issues with the vertical scroll? If the color is turned off the scrreen looks ok. Full color the edges get blurry and it's hard to see more than 4 windows. I prefer regular LCD to the movie glasses. Total imersion simply isn't good for eyes
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