Anyone tried e-signal 7.1?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by swtrader, Oct 6, 2002.

  1. New download, has intraday backtesting - pretty cool

    Anyone tried it? - any comments?
  2. Yes I tried it...

    Not cool, very cool :)

    Still discovering all the new features...
  3. How far back is it possible to backtest?
  4. They are moving in the right direction. I like what they've done so far, but I think they could improve their charting. I'm not sure what language they are writing their code in, but I don't know if they are taking full advantage of directX routines, etc.

    However, for the non-picky, it rocks. :)
  5. savage


    Has anyone located instructions for running intraday backtesting. I'm having trouble finding a reference.

  6. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    You can find out initial reference info on backtesting on this Product Training page ( on the new eSignal Central Site ):

    We've been working on a much more comprehensive guide to backtesting, including screenshots and samples. This new guide should be done and posted by the end of the week. Please check back to the above link to view it.

    If you haven't had a chance to look at the new eSignal Central site, you might want to take a peak. We have a new bulletin board section where we will provide on-going and timely user-support and a File Sharing section where customers can store and retrieve various eSignal components ( efs studies, quote windows, charts, images, entire layouts, etc ). Some great stuff here and growing quickly!

  7. cafeole


    I have a user for a few months starting with 7.0.

    I liked their charting before and I really like it now.

    I have to say that 7.1 is a MAJOR upgrade and the new
    features are great. I have tried a couple of backtesting
    strategies and just haven't got the handle on it yet. Their
    examples are ok if you are constantly switching from LONG to SHORT, but they don't tell you how to close out a position, so you have to experiment.

    It looks like their backtesting is based on BARS (open, close, high, low) but they don't say so in their docs. I was trying to test an Intraday strategy partially based on WHEN the price changed within the bar and couldn't do it. Using the open and close of the bar gave me poor results, but paper trading the strategy showed that I would not have been stopped out nearly as much.

    I would also like to see a complete manual for EFS (writing your own indicators). So far I have learned more from their YAHOO message board than from ESIGNAL documentation.

    The new release is a good improvement and I have waiting for the IB integration, so I am happy. They just need more complete documentation on the programming side.

  8. jmeyer


    how is the paper trading feature set up?
  9. cafeole


    I haven't used that feature live yet. However, I did find that you can configure it to show a entry dialog that allows you to enter and exit trades at the bid/ask and you can specify market/limit etc. I think it keeps the results in a spreadsheet-like log.

    The entry looks pretty simple, with buy and sell buttons as well as bid/ask buttons for the price and edit box to enter your position size. You can enter your prices by hand if you like, but I like the bid and ask buttons for Intraday scalp testing.

    I was very pleased to see a paper-trade feature with this release. It sure simplifies the process.

  10. yes, i tried it.
    #10     Oct 8, 2002