Anyone tried Crownforex? 1 pip only?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by hkaddah, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. hkaddah


    Need to konw how good they are! they advertise only 1 pip in all major.....please share with us your experince with Crownforex. thanks
  2. STAY AWAY from this one.

    How do you think they can make money
    off such a spread when the interbank
    spread is the same or higher ?

    Because they trade against you !
  3. They are also in Switzerland. I wouldn't put any of our or our client's money there.
  4. wkaszycki


    what is wrong with Switzerland?

  5. From my understanding, Switzerland does not provide as much protection to forex investors as the US and the UK. It does not have organizations with the same functions as the CFTC and the FSA. I have spoken to a few Swiss brokers and asked them about these things and I've always been "beaten around the bush." Just my 2-cent's worth.
  6. spieler


    Refco was not in switzerland so even with regulations brokers can do what they want with you rmoney.
    Some offers kinda guaranty against management's frauds.
    If you have a big account the best is to open a letter of credit and keep your money at the bank.