Anyone tried courses from J B Marwood

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  1. rvsw


    Has anyone tried courses from I have always found his articles to be insightful and am tempted to purchase . I'm not actually looking for any strategies, but it is the insights and how the strategies are built is what I'm hoping to learn. But given that there are so many courses out there and sometimes, even good people tend to make some basic courses to add alpha to their returns that I hesitate.

    Any inputs will be useful
  2. fan27


    Are you currently using some form of automated trading? If so, what software are you using?
  3. rvsw


    Not using any software - writing my own code.
  4. fan27


    If you are writing your own code then I doubt you will get much value from what he is offering. His program looks decent for someone new to Amibroker and needs some example strategies to use for learning.
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    If you're coding something, or going that step deeper to *program* something, there are facts, figures, and logic-based opinions that you have to make explicit, to get them down on paper, to get them down in code, to have them execute (somewhere, sometime) at machine level. If that's the case, there is less room for bullshit.

    He offers an Excel-based auto-trader to work with IB's API, for $125. Even if it is 90% based upon the API model that comes direct from IB, if it has any of 1) auto-tracking, 2) inventory reflections in trade(s) generation, 3) auto-trading, it is easily worth a few hours of programming time. At $100/hr, it's coming to you pretty cheap. (HA! The other side of fan27's thought, I guess...:D )

    One caution: I bought a popular Trend Following book
    and found the entire thing to be fluffernutter. 400 pages long, and can be summed into:
    ENTER on a trend signal; EXIT only on a trend-ending signal.
    STOP LOSS following, but no Take Profit ahead.
    (That's the book, in two sentences. Holy Cow.)

    FWIW, I paid $3.50 for the book. I'm aiming at Robert Carver's and Kevin Davey's books (ET's globalarbtrader and kevinkdog ), but haven't gotten around to them yet. I'm having issues solving the simplest of inventory problems, and can't let go (at all) to start something else -- even a for-fun book. :mad:
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  6. fxshrat


    Just stay away from snake oil salesmen. That guy of first post just seems to be another one of them.

    He is not a professional programmer.
    He once asked at official AmiBroker forum how to code on backtesting/optimizing candlestick pattern because he had no clue how to do it. I have posted full code to him summer 2017 on official AB forum. Then later on an article on his blog has shown up without even given reference to where he got put out of misery from. Nothing, nada. I have saved it on hard drive.

    And look now another few months later...
    Surprise, surprise that guy is playing know it all all of the sudden and selling candlestick pattern AB code. Priceless!



    If it turns out he is using freely available code this should be a case to be brought to court.
    Besides AmiBroker itself has general candlestick pattern code freely available to AB users.
    If someone has purchased commercial candlestick pattern code contact me.
    If you need free candlestick AmiBroker code then better go to amibroker website or their forum. There are plenty available. But stay away from snake oil salesmen having almost zero clue and playing know it all afterwards. (BTW, I am considering candlestick pattern useless. But that's different story. But why do you think he is selling code that exists publicly? There aren't no different candlestick patterns from planet Mars with secret new info by E.T. So why selling?)

    Also he is selling other code on his website. Do you really think it is made by himself (considering the fact that copy&pasting code is not equal to coding yourself)? I don't think so.

    (BTW, why don't you ask him for his personal historical multi year LIVE track record (e.g. trading candlestick patterns)? If he can't provide any... well, .... answer it to yourself.)

    For the record I am not AmiBroker but am a user and member e.g. at amibroker forum.
    I am just posting here because got noticed by someone about this thread about that guy whose name I am not going to write out anymore.

    Also I am not against selling code or code writing service. But this looks highly suspicious to me considering his limited coding capabilities and public stuff being freely available.
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  7. fxshrat


    Interesting quote by that guy found on his blog (and page saved to hard drive)
    (I am not posting link as I am not willing to give him free traffic directly.)
    So he even admits looking and scanning for code elsewhere.


    Looking for code because of being clueless and then selling code. Interesting.
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  8. I read amibroker forum and I can vouch for fxshrat as a person of good character. His words carry weight.

    fxshrat is a very helpful engineer who will help out less savvy users who have problem coding. I am very grateful to him.

    fxshrat, I hope you successfully expose these ungrateful people who try to make money off your kindness without giving you credit. Did you drop him a message to remind him to give credit when credit is due? I believe most people will have the decency to correct their mistakes when mistake is pointed out.

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  9. jbmarwood


    Unfortunately I have only just seen this thread otherwise I would have replied sooner. I would like to clarify a few points.

    First of all, fxshrat is correct that I am not a professional programmer. No problem admitting that.

    I don’t regard myself as an Amibroker expert either but I do know enough to get by (for my purposes). When I get stuck, I reach out for help from trusted colleagues or the community and I try to give credit where it’s due.

    The reason I did not credit you fxshrat is because your code didn’t help me. I’m grateful for your input but anyone who compares the two codes will see that they are not alike. Fxshrat used a more complex code with looping, while I was looking for something simpler.

    I have now corrected the blog article in question giving credit to the correct original source (which was gucytribe from the old Amibroker forum).

    Second, to say I am packaging up free candlestick code that I copied from elsewhere is not true.

    All the code in that course was written by myself. (I may not be a professional programmer but even I can code up some candlestick patterns and an exploration.)

    Furthermore, the code is provided as a supplementary resource to the course itself. I can hardly create a course looking at the historical performance of candlestick patterns and then not supply the code that was used in those simulations. Well, I could, but I imagine many students would not be very happy at that...

    Those who have taken the candlestick course will know that it promises no holy grail and the results show that most of the patterns have no edge.

    Finally, the Amibroker AFL article cited in the second response was written several years ago and was written mainly for search engine purposes. I admit that it is a poorly written piece that I will attempt to fix up. I do make mistakes but I try to correct them when they’re brought to my attention.
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