Anyone travel the world all while trading?

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    My goal is to travel the world and trade US equities as I go. I'd like to move to places like london, paris, rome, munich, etc for 3-6 months at a time. I'd rent a furnished condo/apartment and trade from there while going out/exploring the city in my spare time. I'm in my mid 20's + single right now and hope to be able to do this within the next 18 months (need to build my bankroll a little more in case shit happens).

    I am also a US citizen so i'm not sure how taxes/etc would work if i start city hopping like this... or even if they'll let me rent a condo/apt?

    I was wondering if anyone has done this? what has your experiences been like? any advice/stories/recommendations/thoughts/etc would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thats my dream too.. im In my early 20s...almost approaching middle.............. sigh.
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    You may want to host your trading workstation in a data center and use RDC to access. Being risked up without your normal setup is a real mind &$#^. Better to have someone watching over it than try to tote it around the globe or hope your home setup runs 24X7 for months at a time.
  4. Just go!

    Many cities have apartments to rent by the week or month, I have traded on a one month working vacation a few times.

    Just do your homework on the internet connection, and potential backup.
  5. there has been several threads about this. use the search function to find some old answers.
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    I had done a little of that in Europe and Asia myself. Internet was fine everywhere but I recall Europe being a bit tricky with their Schengen visa as I had intended to stay in Italy for 3 months then Netherlands for 3 and they only allow 90 days in any 180 day period. Beyond that, if you are just investing or even swing trading, then it should not be a problem at all, where daytrading, at least if you use multiple screens, could be a bit challenging to tote around in your backpack:)
    Either way, best of luck and have a great time!!
  7. Are you already trading equities?...and are you making money? If not, then you can kiss your dream of hop scotching around the globe and trading at the same time goodbye...

    To rent a "descent"( not glamorous) apt in places like Paris, Rome, Madrid, etc, you better have some serious cash handy..

    Ive lived in Florence, Italy, Sevilla Spain, and Berlin Germany in 1-2 month spurts. Its a wonderful way to live, IF you got the money. Remember one thing, if you're not making money trading, then you gonna be in deep shit bcuz it will be impossible for you to get job in europe, no one will give you a work visa to work in europe right now.
  8. What sort of ballpark do you think for a decent 1 bedroom apartment in nice areas in these cities? I've heard Berlin can be a little cheaper.
  9. that's my dream too.
    however, my trading is not making enough cash for me to do this at the moment.

    are you making money for that dream?
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    My advice to u:

    I live in Eastern Europe for the past 5 years and travel thru Europe all the time-as all the places u mention are very close to me.

    Your idea, sounds great in theory and I thought the same when I got here but the reality is this ( even when u have the money to do it right):

    You get so involved in the trading u cant really enjoy the experience of traveling…throw in some bad losing days ( which we all have) and you will be in no mood to see anything!

    Better to do this: take 3-12 months off ( whatever u can afford) and go to all the places u dream about-have a great time –and then come home for the trading.

    The market will always be their waiting for u…thank me later!
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