Anyone trading with Advanced Get or TradeGuider?

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  1. If anyone out there is trading with Advanced Get, I'd love to hear how it's working for you. Also, I am using a newer product called TradeGuider; anyone else using that?
  2. Two years ago I subscribed to GET with mixed results. The MOB feature is kinda cool; the Elliott feature (like all Elliott everywhere) is intellectual masturbation looking through the rearview mirror. Not much use for traders. With GET I was lucky to break even on trades. If you like Elliott, check out www.woodsonwave or for a free trial. Although they are about the best Elliott readers around, they screw up the count more often than they get it right. "Was that a small 3 within a bigger 4? Oh sorry, it was an 1 of A, oh sorry again, it was ...."

    I have no personal experience with TradeGuider, it reminds me of eAscTrend I tried on the one-month trial. It fell apart after a couple of weeks and lost $ in paper trading. You always have to tweak the settings of the "black box".

    My advice would be to papertrade for at least a few months with any system, canned or self made until you know it works. When you do start trading with real money, go easy and watch your stops.
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    I to am having mxied results after 1 year of Advanced GET. I am selling it.

    I have been testing TradeGuider for the last 3 weeks and I love this program.

    Great concept & support. Can't wait to get my hands on the new RT version due soon.

  4. Hey,

    You and TradeRanger should quit pushing crap software on this board. First, you pull one off pretending to be selling AdvGet and then you you claim you "love" this tradeguider garbage.
    If you want to advertise here, pay up! You guys have been working this board for the last 1-2 mos. trying to peddle your program. This will just tarnish your company.
    And don't claim your software is any better than the others.

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    If you pay me the $1350 for the GET I want to sell, I will ship it to you. I challenge you to put your money where your mouth is.

  6. I have no personal experience with Advanced GET but a friend tested it for 3 month and told me that the entry and exit points disapear if the prediction was not fullfiled. Anyone can confirm that. If it is so then it is of no use for a trader.
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    yes but they offer free class on how to use it properly, it is definiterly more than just a signal for entry/exit
  8. If I learn how to use it then why don't they program it in such a way? That does not make sence to me. I sell you a strategy in form of a software that makes money and I will teach you how to use/trade it. If you loose money you have to learn harder? So what good are the entry/exit points if I have to interpret them? Any decent software can draw the ZigZag indicator which I then can use for projections and interpret the varaious points. Look at the chart with Fib retracements are added based on the s/r points. BTW, just add 1,2,3,4,5 ... to each turning point.
  9. These entry and exit points disapearing and getting re-labeled show that the "science" of Elliott is a moving target, and certain time frames get written all the time defering to longer time frames. Its not really a good vehicle to trade with by itself as the signals are conflicting.

    The Advanced Get software does quite a few other things as well, but many of those features are available as .efs studies for free on the eSignal board or for $25 bucks a study (one time) on places like then you can use them with the basic eSignal package and save quite a bunch of cash.
  10. I found eSignal AGet to be over priced. I used it for 1 year. When I used it I did about as well as I did without. it. After dropping it I am doing better because I am now saving all that money I had to pay eSignal for the GET software.
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