Anyone trading with a touchscreen?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Toonces, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. Toonces


    Does anyone do their main trading with a touch screen? I'm talking about regular sized monitors, not an iPad or something.

    Of course, the issues I'm concerned with are 'fat fingers'...and posture. I would either put the monitofs lying flat down, which means I'd always be hunched over. Or if they were vertical, or at an angle, my arms would always be up in the air, which would be fatiguing.
  2. c0l$il


    Using a stylus avoids fat fingers.
  3. Meh, sticking with a mouse & keyboard. Can't even imagine what kind things would happen with verbal commands.:D
  4. You just explain why it simply does not work.

    It could work as charting platform - one flat sceen in front of you, a couple others vertical like now, you can take a chart down for editing.

    It can work as secondary custom keyboard - a small ipad sioze screen on the table, 45 degree angle, with custom buttons etc. for fast trading.

    But a touch screen ui - or what you see in minority report - is an antipattern of usability for long term use. It DID work and WOULD work in Minority Report because it was not long term use (get crime, have limited time to find), but an 8 hour day would likely be illegal in most jurisdictions ;) Super stressy to work like that.
  5. with the pending Win 8 release, touch API can become more useful.

    with the just-released thinkpad X230t you can use either a finger or a stylus.
  6. Yeah. Right. ;) Drunk?

    Now, no problem - but how do you handle the difficulty of trading charts, DOM etc. with something that small for extended periods?

    The OS has nothing to do with it - touchscreens work best when your interaction is limited or natural. Want to simulate filling out order tickets with a stylus? Wont work.

    As I said - best if it is:
    * NOT analysis (do that on a computer)
    * Only order handling, so you have SOME BIG BUTTONS ;)

    Anything else wont work. Stylus or not - full trading days with such an interface are something you think you want now, aftr half a day you run away screaming.
  7. Actually I do not drink.

    Suppose one is in a crowded place like in a meeting, on a train or a bus and want to monitor and trade his positions if something happens. In this case a tablet or a convertible notebook with a stylus is much more useful than a regular notebook or a smart phone.
  8. Ever watch CNBC? Every guy on the NYSE floor uses a touch screen.