Anyone trading Tokyo stocks with IB yet?

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  1. Just noticed they now have access to stocks on Tokyo Stock Exchange. Commissions are a little better than European stocks.
    Funny system with the numbers for symbols!

    Any good sources of intraday stock data for tokyo out there?
  2. I have been wanting to trade Japan stocks for a while and will probably start soon since I live in Tokyo. The numbers system can be a little daunting but I have been used to it since I have monitored some stocks for a while (through Yahoo Japan).

    There have been a couple of posts about Japan stocks on IB's boards you might want to check out. In particular, you have to understand the minimum shares requirements.

    As for intraday, there is very little information other than places like Yahoo Japan (which is in Japanese). There are little to no broker choices besides IB since the Japanese brokers do not cater to English.
  3. i find it a touch dear $4 a side for 100shares, innit[?]
    not sure it is worth it...if vols'n'behaviour similar to us stocks no way am gonna trade em, maybe invest on somethin' or keep 'em for long periods, but can well forget intraday...maybe i'm wrong'n'u all will come here'n'say how much better trendin' they are'n'so on...any1 has any clue 'bout intraday ranges[?]

  4. As an Asian trader, I'm used to it. It seems Asian stocks like to have numerical symbols (eg Chinese, HK, Taiwanese, Japanese stocks).

    However, I have a very good memory. I don't need a notepad and I can type the number of the stock off the top of my head.

    When I first saw an alphabetic symbol for a stock, I felt uneasy. :D
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    Do you guys know where I can find a screener or tokyo stocks? I am looking for stocks trading on unusual volume.

    Thanks for your help,
  6. I tried trading some Asian stocks on IB... but there are no shorts available on their system.

    If you are trying to scalp or trade the market... IB is not an option unless you want to just go long... but then thats not trading... thats like investing. Although you can ss the TOPIX futures.

    At this point, I haven't found any system that will allow me to trade(invest) Japan except IB.

    If anyone has any experience with firms that trade Japanese equities... can you please post or PM me.

  7. Having recently started screening asian stocks, I'm particularly interested in finding (online) brokers with good access to Japanese and Chinese stocks and to a lesser extent Thai and Koreans stocks.

    Any recommendations? I'm currently using IB.
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    Be aware that currency conversion can be an issue due to currency controls (e.g lack of Baht offshore) and spreads.

    Seamico have now added a better web trading option (integrated with data + charting platform) and Phillip customer service has improved to the point where I can't fault them. First class. Phatra is also a good balance between good platform and good service.

    Be warned it is all very primitive relative to US broker offerings.
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    About the only way to short Japan is the Nikkei futures on SGX and OSE. The new Nikkei 225 Mini on OSE is supposedly liquid and Reuters just did an article on it and someone that made a half million US dollars trading it. (quite an acomplishment seeing as the mini is only 230 dollars margin.)
  10. >risktaker
    For realtime data you could use IB, eSignal or Equis.

    Stocks that trade in 100 or 1 share lots are mostly
    the higher priced stocks. Keep in mind that the average
    shareprice here is 455 yen. For most stocks that trade under
    1,000 yen the minimum is 1000 shares. There is no problem
    trading intraday.

    Do you mean unusually high volume?

    IB is working to offer shorting Japanese stocks in the
    near future.
    You can also sell Nikkei futures with IB. But have you
    considered trading JGB (Japanese Government Bond) futures
    with IB?
    I have no experience with,
    but you can trade Japanese stocks with them.

    I have no experience with,
    but you can trade Japanese stocks with them.

    I've been trading stocks and futures here in Japan for 35 years
    and so my information for those of you outside Japan may not
    be complete. But hope this helps.

    Good trading,
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