Anyone trading the DJ Eurostoxx 50?

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    being a currency futures "gambler" for more than 20 years i´m not a great genius at TA and i was - and still am - mainly interested in stable & reliable quotes & news ... which i got from eSignal at an affordable price even before their "advanced charting" was available.

    do you remember the costs of a Reuters screen in the early 80s ?


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  2. pethof


    I agree. There is only one real problem with esignals eurex data:

    "Our system is set to refresh it's database at around midnight to
    about 2:00am pacific time. If you log in at this time there is a
    chance that you won't see the previous day's data and the charts also may only chart data from the time it is opened. After about 2:00am Pacific Time you can refresh the chart and all this will be cleared up."

    This is a reply from an email I sent to esignals support some days ago. This is what happened to me more than once. If you take into account the time lag between US pacific time and european central time, you will find the database refresh starts right at the open of the trading session in Frankfurt, Germany. esignals promised:

    "We are working on improving how we manage our tick and history database so our data is available 24 hours a day to all time zones."

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  3. wild


    well ... sounds promising/intriguing, doesn´t it ?
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  4. stevet


    the only problem is that esignal have had these problems that they are sorting out for ages - and they balance their interest in sorting it out with the number of europeans signed up

    remember this is the company that happily said that they knew they did not have historic data for europe, but they figured that the time it would take for them to get it going properly would lose them subscription money if they told prospective customers - so they decided not to tell them - does not sound like they value their own brand


    i dont use currency data - so i will assume that their currency data is fine if you say so

    and i guess that trading currencies may be about key support resisitance levels which dont need so much technical appraisal intraday

    but stock market indexes sure do and this is what esignal markets themselves as

    and sure, years ago the cost of the 5 star data suppliers was horrendous, and you would end up paying for multitudes of data that you didn't need, but there is a lot more choice around now and all trading costs are being pushed down as quality is lifted

    BUT it is good to clear the air on this esignal thing with you - i have noticed that you seem to have an expanisive database on trading information and that u have been real helpful in responding to some of the posters on here seeking hard to find information
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  6. hello all,

    ive just started to use the chartsoftware from sierracharts + the plain datafeed from the TWS/IB...its amazing...IF you are just trading 2-3 markets and are connected to the internet the whole day in any case, you can realy have a nice charting down to 1min based on the TWS datafeed nearly for FREE (sierra charge $35 for 6 months and the datafeed is already there + paid)...

    :) trading
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  7. Helenqu


    Hi hardcash,

    I've used Sierra for about 6 months with Mytrack and have just opened a IB account. I'm looking forward to saving some money on data feed.
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  8. stevet


    be careful - IB is only a snap shot of prices and u miss a lot of the data
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  9. Helenqu


    Hi Stevet,

    Are you saying I'd be better keeping Mytrack? I like it, it would be no problem to do that. I assumed IBs data would be OK? Was that naive?
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  10. 15watt


    Hey Helen

    The IB feed doesn't have historical intraday data.

    If you log off, lose the connection, or or just take a day off, then your data/chart will have gaps in it.

    Don't make the mistake of trying to save a little bit of money by using cheap or free data, that's the kind of thing spreadbetters do. :p
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