Anyone trading the DJ Eurostoxx 50?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Trend Fader, Aug 22, 2002.

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    no holiday in Germany ... business as usual


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  2. Is there a cheap charting package that offers data for this contract? I am currently using Nextrend for eminis and I am quite satisfied with it but no Eurostox 50. eSignal Fut is still 3 times what I pay now.
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  3. TrendFader,

    liquidity is always very good between 9:00 and 17:30 CET. Even if you want to play with a 100 lot:D

    On Monday I expect slightly less volume than on a "normal" day and a more narrow trading range.
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    I use this service (Taipan realtime) and I pay 69€ a month for the EUREX package. However, this was a special, because the website says 89€ (20 for the software and 69 for the Eurex subscription). I think it is one of the cheapest and a decent value.
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    "If you trade the Eurostoxx using a real trading screen"

    what is a real trading screen?

    "Don't use the charting service order entry screens, they're to slow. "

    what is a charting service entry screen?

    "Trading with a broker is even worse. "

    if u dont use a broker/clearer - what do u use?
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  6. Perhaps billtt is talkíng about a direct connection via a EUREX terminal. But i think as a private trader you have no chance to get one.:confused:
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    thats why i asked

    and if u take limit orders as opposed to market, with noise on most indexes as opposed to bonds for instance, i am not so sure the cost of a direct entry is worth it - althought i personally have a fast and very reliable internet connetion
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  9. Thanks wild,

    I have looked at the price structure of e-signal before and came to the conclusion that it is more expensive. To get EUREX data you must take the e-signal futures package and then add $19 for the e-minis and EUREX. Total $148 on a monthly basis.

    Do you use e-signal for EUREX charting? I live in Germany too and heard something about a slow and unreliable data feed with gaps in the chart. What do you think about the data feed for the e-minis?

    Vielen Dank.

    Captain F.
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    i definetly would not trust esignal data
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