Anyone trading the DJ Eurostoxx 50?

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  1. billtt


    If you trade the Eurostoxx using a real trading screen, there is no slippage. Don't use the charting service order entry screens, they're to slow. You're waiting forever to get your order in the market. Trading with a broker is even worse.
    Best time to trade is 730am EST to the close.
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  2. terror


    Any brokers that you can recommend for tradin the Eurostoxx futures ?
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  3. Dow Jones STOXXSM 50 Futures (FSTX)
    Dow Jones Euro STOXXSM 50 Futures (FESX)
    Contract Standard
    The Dow Jones STOXXSM 50 index (for Dow Jones STOXXSM 50 Futures);
    The Dow Jones Euro STOXXSM 50 index (for Dow Jones Euro STOXXSM 50 Futures).

    Contract Value
    EUR 10 per Dow Jones STOXXSM 50 and Dow Jones Euro STOXXSM 50 index point.

    Cash settlement based on the final settlement price, payable on the first exchange trading day immediately following the last trading day.

    In points, with no decimal places.

    Minimum Price Movement
    1 point, representing a value of EUR 10.

    Contract Terms
    The three nearest months within the cycle March, June, September, December.

    Last Trading Day
    The third Friday of the expiration month, if that is an exchange trading day; otherwise, on the exchange trading day immediately prior to that Friday. Trading ceases in the expiring futures contract at 12:00 noon CET on the last trading day.

    Daily Settlement Price
    The last-paid price of the trading day; or, if the last-paid price is older than 15 minutes or does not reasonably reflect actual market conditions, then Eurex will establish the official settlement price.

    Final Settlement Price
    The average price of the Dow Jones STOXXSM 50 and Dow Jones Euro STOXXSM 50 index calculations performed between 11:50 a.m. and 12:00 noon CET on the last trading day. The final settlement price is determined at 12:00 noon CET on the last trading day.

    Trading Hours
    Dow Jones STOXXSM 50 index: 9:00 a.m. until 05:30 p.m. CET.
    Dow Jones Euro STOXXSM 50 index: 9:00 a.m. until 08:00 p.m. CET.

    Margin 3,100 Euro (Eurex)
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  4. I trade with IB, the commission is 4 Euro per RT. Execution is very fast and in contrast to trading with Globex the stop orders are held on the Eurex servers:D No panic...
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  5. Ditch


    The broker to trade ESTX is Interactive Brokers, fills within split seconds, RT 4 euros.
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  6. I am assuming that one can trade one contract of the ESTX50 the entire day.. w/o worrying about slippage and good fills.

    Also.. what time frame of candlesticks would you guys recommend if your objective is to scalp between 10-15 points per a trade.

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  7. Ditch



    I use 1,3 and 5 min charts. When it's getting slower i move up on the timeframe. I use the ATR to decide that.
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  8. Shortly after the open I use 1min, but after the first 45 min, I use 2min, because you see everything but less confusing noise. I also use 10 EMA and 20 EMA with BB.
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  9. terror


    Thanks for the reply on which broker to use. I am currently with IB.

    I still need realtime charts. Thinking of e-signal. Any other you can recommend?

    The time zone is perfect as I am in South-Africa.
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  10. Will the DJ Eurostoxx 50 be tradable tomorrow Mon. Aug 26?.. due to London holiday? If so.. will there be any liquidity?

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