Anyone trading the DAX

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  1. I know alot of you guys trade to DJ Euro Stoxx. I trade the Dax just wondering if its anyone else's favorite.
  2. MartinS


    I trade both

    The Dax have reached a potential supportlevel according to my method..(Cash DAX--see chart)

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  3. klutz


  4. MartinS


    I do not know "why" but quite often the market seem to turn around at structures as the one you can see at 3286-3311

    Its not a "holy grail"..that does not exist..

    I would like to show more examples, but the max size of 102kb makes it very tough to do so..I can mail them if anyone is curious

  5. MartinS


    The method is called FishNet and has been developed by CGvReis..he is currently working as an editor at a Swedish site called VCW..
  6. kiwi


    Moved to New Zealand so just started trading ESTOX due time differences. Looking at the 1st 3 hours.
    What news service do European traders use? and what service(s) list when European economic news is released?


  7. i'm in the u.s. i use bloomberg
  8. BKuerbs


    I do not use a news service, but watch the times of economic news releases.

    Try this one, it is updated daily:

    Or this one, look under "Daily Commentary", there is an entry for each day listing the times of news releases:


    Bernd Kuerbs
  9. Which other brokers has universal accounts like IB,
    that you can trade asian futures also, since i am living
    in Asia?, trading them will serve my time better.
  10. kalinka


    I trade the DJ Eurostoxx. Can be rather choppy, so I use
    a form of scalping just going for three points, works
    exellent. So far today 11 trades with 9 winners and two
    loosers. S/L is also three points.
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