Anyone trading Nikkei225?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pbb, Mar 6, 2012.

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    Lately I am trading forex through the night (EU time) and I started looking at the nikkei225. I think trading this future has merits.

    I am now looking at the volumes at IB and see that the march 12 osaka mini contract has traded 235k so far in two hours. The cme globex nikkei contract has no volume at all (tradesize/price = 5 x osaka mini). Yesterday there was volume (traded and book) at the cme globex contract later on in the day.

    Can anyone with nikkei trading experience tell why there is no cme globex volume while the official market is currently open and the nikkei osaka contract is heavily traded (mini contract ok)?

    (at the time I post this thread the market is open for it's normal trading hours)

  2. Because everyone trades the Osaka or SGX contracts.

    Why bother with a lame duck version.
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    Fair enough. Are you trading the osaka/sgx? I am totally new to the asian market, have mainly traded EU sessions (fx and eurex) thus far and must say that I like the FX Asian session (maybe slow but less choppy).