anyone trading naked?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by tyler19, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. tyler19


    No indicators, no MA's, nothing but some candles or bars....JUST A CHART?!
  2. no indicators for me.

    just a candlestick chart and t&s.

    that's all i need.

    started out worrying about all those damn indicators. too much to keep track of.

    "KISS" is so true.

    Simpler, the better.
  3. xxxskier

    xxxskier Guest

    for swing trading stocks i just use candles, volume, and T & S.

    for daytrading futures i only use candles, MP, internals, T & S.

    i've been known to use an MA on occasion, but not everyday.
  4. Agyar


    Who needs charts?
  5. darren


    I am with you guys. I am pretty much a contrarian trader. I fad moves up and down off an 89 tick chart. I also look at a 3 minute as well to decide if I want to add to the position. I usually start out with light size and then go bigger to get the cost basis close when I need to and get out for a few ticks. I do this with equities and futures. I also beleive in KSS. I am not looking to predict whats happening all day just fad the few seconds on a bigger move. Its worked well, although sometimes it gets yeah but I am an old school scalper. I actually enjoy doing it rather than try to predict a longer move and wait its not my personality. So on jsut sim[;e reading the tape and watching how its trading. Choppy is fine and fade the moves in the range, trending markets are fine as well and wait for bigger moves to fad sometimes I buy the dips or sell the rallies with the trend but do not hold more then a minute or so.
  6. amodies


    My charts are a quagmire of indicators but I dream of clearing them when I grow up.

  7. tyler19


    What is MP?
  8. xxxskier

    xxxskier Guest

    market profile.

    lots of posts about it on ET. do a search.
  9. DrEvil


    Yep, no indicators, no charts either, just the price quote. Keep it simple pal. I'm working on ideas to move away from the price quote, then I will be the real deal trading naked.
  10. I thought this was a thread about trading in the buff.
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