Anyone trading Micro CAD Futures?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by andrew black, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. In my IBRK account I see a 6 pip spread for Micro CAD Futures and 0.5 pip spread for the standard CAD Futures contract.

    Considering the size of contracts (10k micro vs 100k for standard) you would have a spread 120 larger when you trade micro contracts vs standard.

    Is this kind of a standard thing with all brokers or is a IBRK specific issue because they have low liquidity? TIA.
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    If this is a futures contract, it is simply the bid/ask on the exchange, not broker specific.
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  3. What Ilan said. Plus, they have different specs and spread will look different, and IB obviously butcher the display part (probably not rounding it correctly)


  4. Thanks everyone. It seems to be the liquidity. Current volume is 900 for micro and 68000 for standard.

    Edit: And I was actually looking at Sep micro with only 34 vol. For Jun micro the spread is 1 pip.
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  5. In my experience, a 2-3 tick spread is the usual for micro Loonie during RTH, wider just before key Canadian econ reports. It is a viable instrument, quite often being similar in volume to the micro Yen. Especially useful for swing and longer term trades
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