Anyone trading in the Bahamas?

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  1. Got a home down here, lots of beach with zero snow baby...!!! (Not anything like Halifax). But on top of the SUN, SAND and SEA, they also got a broker/dealer (suretrader) down here that allows me to stay in paradise while trading the world...

    If you live down here or even if your visiting, make sure check me out...:cool:
  2. Dang, must be nice. Whats the cost of living down there anyways?
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    How is the internet? Stable?
  4. Condos sell down here anywhere from 200k to 1 mill +.. Groceries are sorta expensive (milk costs 8 bucs) Almost everythging is imported so tarrif fees are included in the prices. Thats how the government down here makes their money. However there are no sales tax (or even income tax for that matter). Gas sells for about $5.50 a gallon (but I usually walk to the beach :D )....

    The Bahamian dollar is on power with the US and people exchange the currenies freely in the streets and stores.

    I would say that the cost of living is sorta high down here, but there are other more lucrative reasons why foreigners still flock to this place...

  5. Technology-wise, they're up to par with 1st world countries like Canada & the US.
  6. Predominantly as a vacation destination..

    And I hope you're not talking about Freeport, you couldn't pay me to live there.
  7. Sadly that's the only place in the Bahamas I've been. It was close to my image of a third world country.
  8. That's a shame. Definitely check out Briland/Harbour Island and Atlantis next time you're there, especially Briland, that place is heaven..
  9. What would be the cheapest place , studio, to rent overthere and where ?
  10. The price will depend on whether you stay in a tourist area or local area. In the local areas, you can get studios from around 600 bucs pm.
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