Anyone trading Hong Kong futures?

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  1. What are you using for realtime and historical charting. And what kind of market internals seem to be working. Thanks in advance.
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    Its hard to find good, cheap quote sources. I use , but they really provide only the basics.

    But I don´t trade them yet. There are two sessions for HSI.
    With IB you should have a connection to IB´s HK servers,
    because otherwise you cannot trade the 1st session
    (IB´s US/European servers down).
  4. ive been taking a trade here and there with it.. im just using hooked up to IB's feed.. and im using to look at the previous charts..

    be careful if you are trading the first session from the us.. IB will log you out at 11:45 or so until 12:30 for their nightly maintenance..

    btw, does anyone know how to get quotetracker to work with the DAX future symbol on IB? ive tried exactly the way it says on the website but apparently the spaces in the symbol are causing problems.. maybe i should stop being cheap and add it to my esignal account but it seems like a ripoff to pay 50 dollars for a "region" fee and then another 50 bucks or so all to get access to quotes that really cost 8 euros a month..

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    for DAX futures in Qt use

    DTB:mad:FDAX DEC 02

    exactly as above with the colon and @ etc.... weird no.... btw the eurostoxx50 is DTB:mad:FESX DEC 02
    go to the eurex website to get their symbol for the product ie FDAX for DAx futures then as above.... QT emailed me a reply about the ESTX50 (in IB) as quick as they always reply...

    qwik and FX :-

    i'm also interested in looking at mini hang seng futures - how can i change to a HongKong IB server? any way of checking which one i'm using? (today IB logged me out at the times you indicated....)

    wish esignal covered them.....

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    for charting available for HK,

    IRD at provide realtick charting for HK, Eurex and loads of others too..... they've got a free 7 day trial too.

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    quote tracker works with IB in HK now as well. Someone also mentioned sierra charts works well.

    Until we offer full 24 hour server (no restart at days end) you'll need to choose between one or the other or open seperate accounts. The default server is usually chosen by base currency. However, if you want an account switched, just notifiy the HK help desk and they'll make the request- attn: HK help desk in the subject line should do the trick. (changes take place over the weekend).
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    do you mean 24hr server in US? ie no longer having the middayish Asia problem (if you're using a US server)... more importantly, how about the HK server... in other words, if i change to HK server will my account be shutdown some other time (HK midnight perhaps?) for maintenance.....

    thanks def

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    a 24 hour system without server resets is in the works. until then if you move to the HK server the reset i believe is around 3 AM HK time. thus if you want to trade HK and the US w/o any down time, two accounts - one on each server would be an interim solution.
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    thanks def,

    3am HK is 3pm NY and 2am Bangkok where i am - hence trade the morning session only for US futures - so the one HK server and account should be ok - i'll have a think about it :) have'nt had any disconnect probs etc recently, so ...... if it aint broke and so forth.

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