Anyone trading futures with T&S?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by alain, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. alain


    just wondering if there are also other traders that use T&S to trade futures?

    I haven't put any attention to T&S for over a year now and two weeks ago I suddenly opened the T&S Window and started to watch again and well again I just made a big step ahead.

    What are others experience?

  2. x-or


    Due to the netting that does Eurex, their T&S is not the sharp tool that it could be.
    However, I learned to watch it and finally find it very useful.
    I use it mainly for my exits. When a weird/noisy move has just occured, I want to know if it is "critical" for my trade.
    In this case I look at the last few trades (price & volume) and decide if they were significative or not. In a way I use T&S as a noise filter.
    It is an intermediate indicator between the quotes and the charts.
  3. alain,

    I am always looking at the "depth" screen for the futures. I don't use it any mechanical way really -- but I do feel it helps me get into the "flow" of the market a little better than with just a chart alone.

    PEACE and good-trading,
  4. Before everyone else jumps in and tells you how worthless T&S is, let's try this, Alain, have you ever used T&S? I've watched it and found it informative, but never really came up with a concrete way to profit form the information, how bout you?
  5. Hubert


    but i cant fig it out it moves way to fast for me
  6. alain


    Like I wrote in my post I started to use T&S two weeks ago after I haven't used them for over a year. The last time I used T&S was when I traded a certain nasdaq stock. Since I currently only trade futures I tought it would be useless because there are no volume information to the T&S.

    The way T&S helps me is to show me the strength of a certain price level on the hard right edge. It gives me a picture of the buying power of this level and the way price action reacts on this level. After all I could say that my trading has improved little in volatile trading ranges. My entry have increased in the winning probability. What I have to add. I don't trade systematically.. so I don't use T&S in a systematical manner.
  7. i may be wrong, but i think i read in a book that some trades can be displayed a few minutes later. i remember a lot of times when i saw a large trade, it was not anywhere near the bid, ask, or anywhere in between. so then how could you tell if it was a buy or a sell? that's when i gave up on it...
  8. anyone use the level2 futures quote from pfg?
  9. j trader is set up very nice for this, well actually, it is called DOME.

    I am all for looking for anything unusual or clues. I find something similar when I am looking at the chart and volume gets heavy, but price doesn't go up or down, just sits there and churns away.

    Then I know one thing, there's a lot of people out there that have exactly different opinions about that price.