Anyone trading from Shanghai/China

Discussion in 'Trading' started by taigong, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. taigong


    I recently came to Shanghai for the summer and wanted to do some trades here as well. But I found that I cant' access my mkt data source (tradestation) and my IB is incredibly slow. I have latest PC and broadband (ASDL at 100 mbps), and can't figure out why.

    Is there anyone having similar experience? Or is there anything I did not set up right?

    Appreciate any input.


  2. Try to ping IB's US server using:


    then try to ping HK server using:


    What are the response time of each? I would expect you get much faster connection to IB's HK server.
  3. mokwit


    I have no personal experience of Tradesation in China but I know it is known not to work in China - look under recent discussions on IB HK connectivity for discussion of problems in less developed countries.

    Basically related to sensitivity of IB/TWS to packet loss and pauses from stunts broadband ISP's pull to restrict badwidth - look under posts from 'Joesan' as he solved the problem by switching ISP's but if that does not work you are out of luck as IB do not seem to accept that there is an issue.

    Both Joesan and I have found other socket based platforms to be less sensitive than TWS.

    If it is just slowness then ask IB to put you on the HK server as then you are linked to US markets via their link not your ISP's. Might offer a partial solution.
  4. taigong


    isaac and mokwit,

    Thanks for your replies. I will give suggested "outs" a try.