Anyone trading forex via XTrader?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by stptrader, May 8, 2008.

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    Just anyone trading forex via XTrader from Trading Technologies? Can it be done? It's great software, but I have only seen it used in the futures space. Haven't seen any STP brokers offering this.


  2. A friend of mine who trades at AdvatageFutures told me that they will offer offer Hotspot, either with the Hotspot frontend, or via TT-FixAdapter/XTrader 'soon'. Just remember Hotspot is 0.5 mio per click minimum. TT has also FXMarketspace(globex) connectivity, unsure if that will be offered too.
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  5. They quoted commissions between $12 and $18, based on volume breaks, so i supposed its HotspotFXi. Im under the impression that there is a 500k minimum in deal size.

    P.S.: the information on your first link is outdated, its possible to do 1000 units transactions with the american branch of hotspot retail now.