Anyone trading European Market

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by FunMan, May 18, 2010.

  1. FunMan


    I mean mainly the UK, Germany and France,

    Do you know any" free "English websites that provide real time chart and price update for the indices of these markets?

    For professional users

    You guys know Yahoo is not really real time:p

    Thanks a lot.:p
  2. Dogfish


    Open a UK dummy spreadbet account for free live charting, of course you will get the 2 tics spread on prices but it is live and free. CMC Market Maker is pretty decent charting package considering the cost (none) and has all the markets you're after including bonds etc
  3. CEO_STI


    Good luck to you. :)
  4. CBuster


    OP asked for Free which I don't think that website is?

    That said, the OP is looking for a service "for professionals" that is free... hmmm. Guess someone's not made it to the top of their game yet....

    I trade UK, Fra, Ger, Swi, etc etc every day in addition to US. Don't know of any professional free services. Google / Yahoo prob the best you're gonna get.

    Joining a spread bet firm and using their pseudo-indices is a good idea. not exactly the same but close enough i suspect
  5. CEO_STI


    Real time cost money yes. Had read over it.

    Most of my trading is also in Europe. GER/FR/NL.

    I agree that yahoo etc. is the best availableb if you want it for free. For US stocks i use FINFIZ as my main screener, find it really handfull.