Anyone trading EFUT or ZVUE

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  1. The reason why I ask is somehow I dont believe this is actually for real. Somehow I think its some Russians who hacked an account and are just bidding it up as high as they can.

    It would have been interesting to buy EFUT or ZVUE a few days ago when they were at 7 dollars and 1 dollar respectively.

    Personally, I would be scared to get in on either. Im just wondering if this is a scam or are there really some traders with balls willing to throw money at EFUT at 30 bucks?
  2. I just changed my password to my account. hehehe. Pretty soon, going to change the user name too. These two are obviously scams....
  3. EFUT, yes, although I can't get a borrow so im trading it one sided. I have friends at other firms that somehow were able to short it and made a mint yesterday. ZVUE didnt show up on my radar until it was up $4 and then i wasnt going to touch it. I dont think they are scams I think its just indicative that a top is near. When all the crazy crap goes bonkers its time to start locating the exits.
  4. Your stomach is much stronger then mine. I wouldnt touch EFUT after seeing the big retreat yesterday. It looks like ZVUE is tanking in premarket.

    I did some research on EFUT and there was one reporter who said that he hadnt seen this kind of jump since the tech bubble.
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    Well... IS anyone trading EFUT?

    I"ve been daytrading this all day for 2 days... omg... I made $$, but what a wild ride. This thing swings in increments of up to $.20 a tick. I'm out for the night. I think I'll go lay down now... I have a headache. This one's too much work for the profit, LOL!
  6. I guess I have been on the wrong side of the ticker one too many times and have become a wimp. I enjoy a lotto ticket-like stock like anyone, but feel comfortable making a slow and steady amount with quality equities instead.

    If you become brave enough to trade something like that then you are now on what we call a slippery slope. Next time you will do the same thing again and again until you hit a disaster.

    I did a small amount of short term trading today and made the humble amount of $4500. I am very happy with that for one day and I didnt put my wallet in the line of a freight train. 4000-5000 a day is what satisfies me in my personal accounts. Then I take that cash and place it into DRIP plans of super high quality stocks for the long term. $80000 a month may not seem like much, but I am content with that small humble amount of cash.

    You can use larger amounts of cash and leverage with higher quality and predictable equities. You dont need to use all the fancy indicators and lines with them. Just simple technical analysis. You know Walmart isnt suddenly going to tank and its movements are slow and predictable. Im not really a master at the bollinger bands or the fiberniccii (or however you spell it) lines. I dont feel I need to be. The turtle always wins in the end then the rabbit.

    As for the ladies, you dont need a nice fancy car or apartment for them. All you need to do is catch a plane to Thailand, Rio or the Philippines. $3000 is all it costs for a high quality time with as many willing adult ladies as you can round up in two weeks, thats for the entire trip-airfare included. No no, you dont need wives or clingy girlfriends.

    Go to this website, make a reservation and then take a plane from JFK. You'll love it and it will get all this trading of phony baloney equities out of your mind and on to more important things like trading companies that actually exist and spin a good profit.

    Im sure EFUT consists of a rutty old one floor office building somewhere in China with a few employees who speak next to no English. Walmart, multiple chains and lots of profit.
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    LMAO! I AM a lady. Thus, I have no use for Amsterdam or Thailand.

    As for trading, I'm up quite a bit, and I've been trading for over 20 years.

    Grant you, I've had spectacular losses, all in 2001, but I've made them all up and then some:p.

    Thank you for the advice, however, it is very reasonable:).
  8. Im being serious.

    Imagine each stock like a ship or boat. EFUT is a small boat that turns on a dime. WMT is a large oil tanker that takes miles to turn and stop.

    Here is a chart of Walmart. You can easily predict its path all the way through. You get to know the company like a Wall Street analyst and then you can long or short it on its obvious path. Then its just a matter of checking the chart on a daily basis for just 15 minutes. No sitting in front of monitors studying fibinichi lines or bollinger bands. No putting up with some manager or director at a prop firm. You can sit at the pool all day long while Walmart turns like the large oil tanker it is. Then when it turns up, then you cover and go long.

    I had longed and shorted Walmart the entire year. 10,000 shares short, 10,000 shares long. Im not worried that a half million dollars is on the line. There is no sudden rush to cover as if there was a multi-alarm fire. Its easy for me to throw a half-million either way. This way, that way.

    The most valuable thing to myself is actually my time. I enjoy spending my happy hour down at the bar drinking like a sailor. I enjoy seeing my family and friends. Meanwhile, Walmart makes me cash either way. As I sit at the bar in at Ulysses enjoying the band in the financial district, the mini-burgers and the large liters of ale I look up at the skyscrapers. Still some young people in there at the desks doing who knows what. They havent figured out Walmart yet and are still wondering what Jim Cramers next big pick is. Meanwhile, I am making the moves on the receptionists at Goldman Sachs and typing meaningless, long posts on elitetrader that people complain about. Thats my excitement, not looking at the fibiochichi lines or whatever.
  9. You're right. There's nothing erratic about that WMT chart!

    With you on the Fib. crap though.

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    I have done a few scalps of EFUT this week.
    I normally don't do such short term trades, but I went out on a limb and made some moola.

    I wouldn't dare hold that stock for an hour, let alone overnight.

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