Anyone trading Currenex via MAN Singapore ?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by JLarsen, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. JLarsen



    I am quite close to go with them.

    Spreads & Liquidity for currencies I am goint to trade (crosses of EUR, CHF, GBP, AUD, YPY) are excellent.
    They also support API trading, I strongly rely on.

    Has anybody expirience with them?

    Are there special issues (for an European) when choosing a Broker in Singapore I should be aware of ?

    Thanks a lot

  2. Me too. They are the first to offer XAU/XAG trading on Currenex, and the API thing is kind of nice. Does anyone know how "confidential" the Singaporian tax authorities are ?
  3. just21


    I read that far east governments refused to co-operate with the EU over tax matters.
  4. I am interest in the currenex platform,can you tell me the minimal deposit and the fees?

    thank you
  5. JLarsen



    minimum account size is 100K$.
    Margin 2-3%.
    Fees depend on trading volume and vary
    something between 0.5 to 0.3 pips equivalent
    ($30-$50 per Million, which is n the range of all Currenex access provider I contacted so far).

  6. Thank you for your reply!

    good man !

  7. spieler


    I have a currenex account with only 25$ per million
  8. JLarsen


    $25 really good,
    of course you can find lower commisions in the business.

    But you have to compare the CNX liquidity pools.
    Saving 1 pip spreads is worth $100 per million traded.

    I am looking for good spreads & liquidity in the US and Asian session. Due to they are located in Singapoure, they offer excellent spreads on the instruments I am intersted in.

  9. Me to with 25$ per million. But i think i will get a rebate after hitting my first 1000 million of volume next month.

    JLarsen , You have monitored MAN's live prices or you were looking into currenex demo prices they are not and indication of what you might get from MAN. If you was looking at live prices , could you please tell me what are approximately spreads for eur/gbp , gbp/chf and aud/nzd during tokyo session?
  10. JLarsen


    I got a (non funded) live access in order to get a more realistic view.
    EUR/GBP 0-1pip
    GBP/CHF 3-5 pip
    AUD/NDZ 5 pip (almost constant)

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