Anyone trading crypto full-time?

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  1. orbit23


    Bybit, FTX, binance.

    I wouldn't trust any of those exchanges serious money, but they are offering 100x leverage. You only deposit a fraction to the exchange , so your risk is kept relatively low even if exchange goes bust.

    Also i think equities are becoming more and more like cryptos. There's no fundamentals in cryptos, it's basically only trading based on psychology of the crowds... And stocks are doing the same thing lately, they are trading like a bubble.
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  2. Trader Curt

    Trader Curt

    Yes I do swing trading for Bitcoin. Been doing this for about 3 years now, the first 2 years losing a lot of money, and finally this past year I made everything back and am now in the green. I don't mess with daytrading, because a lot of times the market is moving sideways, I've found swing trading to be more profitable and more forgiving than daytrading. I also don't mess with trading any alts as they are all influenced by Bitcoin. But I've found there are endless oppertunities with trading crypto and even more so than trading any commodity. Feel free to give me a shout if you want any tips
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  3. It also seems to me that it’s better not to touch day trading. Although there are exceptions.
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  4. Heydrrich


    Yep I've been (day) trading bitcoin for the past 2 years fulltime. DM me if you like.
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