Anyone trading client money here?

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    I got an inquiry regarding trading on behalf of someone via an IB master master / sub account structure. I am not in a position to do this now but if you are reading this, already have that setup and have a verifiable track record....send me a message. The person with the inquiry has about $300k to invest for this venture.
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    What kind of inquiry? From a potential client?
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    Why wouldn't they seek out someone already in the business? Are they looking for a cheap management fee or just a gambler?
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    I figure ET is an very interesting place to have any intellectual conversation. :sneaky:
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    They were referred to me by the company that owns the trading platform I use (Tickblaze). I have a relationship with the company.
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    I could make multimillions for them, but should I? :)
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    You shouldn't the fair put is reserved for the illuminati
  9. ok i have a track record.
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    I have decent record for past 3 decades, early years did over 200%, last fifteen years some over 100%, no losing years, some years were 2-5% but where most of profits been from long term commodities, drawdowns very easy on eyes. Unlike most traders I think, I shift funds every month, I reduce quantities as trade gets deeper into a trend so I am trading least amount then reverse into strong trends till end of move happens. Being consistent where it is at.

    Do I want to trade for other people, HELL NO.

    Longer I stay into trading the more I believe the stock market is like buying/selling Used Cars. You have zero idea if it will be a drivable or junked, so make sure can survive the loses and let winners take care of themselves.

    Leverage the way to go so long as one knows how to insure oneself.
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