Anyone Trading BOT Ag Futures Electronically?

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  1. I noticed the CBOT's ad on the ET homepage. I don't trade ags, and I didn't realize they had started offering side by side trading of ag contracts. Given the newfound interest in ags, I would expect this to turn into a hot product or products. Certainly I will take a look at it. Apparently there is some volume but not huge.

    Anyone trading these?
  2. Corn is deep enough after only 3 days - the rest are still a bit thin for me. Give it a month or two.
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    Volume in Corn has been extraordinary. Thursday the screen traded over 80,000 contracts.
  4. Impressive!
  5. The BOT is a must own stock. The ag volume could double or even triple. Not to mention the full members still have trading rights at the cboe. I think the stock eventually breaks through 134 and heads to 200. Thoughts?
  6. Isn't the most liquid pit contract beans? Is there some reason corn is getting so much action?
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    No. Corn typically trades twice the volume of Beans.
  8. i've been poking at wheat a little and its been good.tight spreads.its nice to have both pit and ecbot
  9. I just tried a request for quote on a 2.5 sept call on corn and got no response on my interactive brokers account. Could some from IB tell me when they plan on offering quotes for these grain options? If I was planning to trade a lot of these could they get someone over at timber hill to make a half decent market. With the lower commissions I could likely be further ahead than using a pit broker.
  10. trying to find the ecbot corn in tradestation. anyone know the symbol

    80k volume is surprisingly tight
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