ANYONE trading 100's of contracts/day in HK NOT with IB?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by gangof4, May 12, 2009.

  1. gangof4


    my bi-yearly search for a broker OTHER THAN INTERACTIVE BROKERS.

    i've posted before and had a couple of suggestions, but they were clearly not from people trading volume- as the commission rates were 2-4x those of IB- thus making it an impractical choice given my volume.

    right now, yet again, the HK server is f-ed up, so i can't trade. executions have been horrific and getting worse over the past couple months (never a problem a year ago). anyway, lots of other reasons why i want to leave IB; suffice it to say.

    so.... if anyone is using somebody other than IB to do volume trading in the HSI, i would greatly appreciate any input.


    TO THE IB DEFENDERS/SHILLS: please, just once, resist the urge to defend and give this thread a pass.
  2. xiaohu


    Yeah was frustrated with the probs this morning too.

    Quickly closed my STW positions for a small loss when the connection first came back up. Was glad i did, cos there were subsequent probs.

    But despite this.. IB's low commissions and range of products for other markets are pretty hard to beat.
  3. gangof4


    do you use anyone else to trade and hang seng? for me, i'm not even looking for range of products. i'm simply (or not so simply, as it turns out) looking for a broker that offers the HK futures at reasonable fees given my volume, who also has a stable platform and feed (or partnerships to provide such).

    i can get pretty much any other market thru a variety of brokers. thing is, HK is my primary market, and, for that, i am stuck with IB and IB alone.

    the amt of time i've spent googling to try to find an alternative is considerable. every time i think i've found something, i haven't....
  4. jfilla


    MF Global. I pay about a tenth of IB's rate. Turn about 1000 contracts a month on HSI, 600 on K200.

    Doesnt include platform fee, but even with it you will be paying less than a quarter of ib's fee if you do the volume you say.

    PM for a broker name and email...
  5. pipal


    Hi jfilla, please check pm.

    IB really sucks. It's time to have a change.
  6. pipal


    It appears that only Patsystems/J-Trader is available for trading HSI, other than IB. Just don't know why there is no other better choices of datafeed like TT etc.
  7. gangof4


    i PM'd you yesterday and will look forward to your reply.

    do you use Pats? i've heard it's good. i have no problem paying for software. if my broker, its platform, and its server issues don't cost me money, i'll be happy. in 2008, ib issues cost me $74m in just 2 trades. add in the few hundred here and there, adn i'm quite sure it was over 100m last year. so, software costs are not an issue
  8. pipal


    Hello gangof4,

    I can't get your pm. Perhaps the pm system doesn't work fine.

    I don't use Pats at the moment. I use IB but it doesn't work well like you mentioned.

    As far as I know, Pats is the only option for HSI except IB. And it seems that it's no so good as the TT and Zen-fire feed.

    I am going to have a try anyway.
  9. pipal


    Hi jfilla,

    Please pm me the broker name and email... Thanks.