Anyone trades with quad core?

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  1. Once you tried it, there's no turning back. I'm running apps all over the place and the CPU load rarely goes over 5%. My dual core laptop feels like a turtle in comparison. :)
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    Quad opteron. If you want a real speed-up, turn off virtual memory (set page file to 0), and run off ram.
  3. dual quad core 3Ghz xeon FTW
  4. Definitely worth it. Everything runs faster, even my p&l.


  5. So technically your computer is slooooooooooow b/c I'm assuming your p & l is negative.

    :D :D :D
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    Dual dual cores here. CPU usage is very low. No point in upgrading to quad cores right now.
  7. Quad cores only show significant improvement in VERY multi-threaded apps...
    Such as very complex games and multi-media.

    Trading apps are not intensive at all...
    Unless you have coded custom real-time tick processing apps.

    Any improvement is probably an illusion.
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    Intel E6750 FSB 2080 Mhz @ 4160 Mhz.
    None can beat it

    Q6600 is a like a Pentium4....... compared to this machine :D


  9. Interesting. I got all excited about my top-of-the-line dual core machine when it came about 18 moths ago. But I was quickly frozen out during busy parts of the trading day. I discovered that my front end trading software only loads up one chip at a time. Your trading software most likely does this as well. I could have a 20-core machine, and it wouldn't make a difference. My dual core machine was probably even slower than my old machine, because I gave up 2.8 CPU for a 2.4 dual core.

    My task manager CPU graph was maxed out all the time. The two CPU's couldn't help each other at all. Now I'm tempted to get one of these super-duper quad cores, but I believe the same thing will happen - all these CPU's and I won't be able to have more than one working at a time. Is this true? If so, a colossal waste of money has been enacted against the computer buying public. I Love what computers can do for trading, but I swear I don't know if there's a hamster running on a little wheel in there. Are these quad core performance gains an "illusion"?
  10. Are you using eSignal charting Platform or what Charting Platform... :confused:

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