Anyone trades with Mac

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by a529612, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. How do you like it? Do you run Windows software on it?
  2. the older version kept freezing.the aluminum works fine ,however it keeps shutting down on his own ,because i had connected second monitor ,so had to unplug that it would get to hot and just shut down thats what people from apple told me .and i don't have windows, so suit yourself.

    i don't think those new imacs will do any good to apple there is a lot of people complaining about them and while i was at apple store with my problem there where another 4 people with aluminum problems .
  3. faure


    I hate Mac's and I hate Apple products in general, I find the software very non-intuitive - yet it doesn't bother me to be bullish on AAPL once in while, go figure.