Anyone trades wirelessly with handheld device?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by a529612, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Which handheld works best for position trading? I'm checking out the Treo but wondering how good or bad it is for wireless trading.
  2. Do you make money on a desktop computer?

    Then just do that on a handheld...

    Re-think your question before you ask.
  3. I'm not looking for a slot machine in my pocket but I need something to monitor my positions while I'm running errands and away from my desktop PC. :confused:
  4. I wouldn't recommend using a handheld as the only way to input orders, but it is good to have as a backup order entry device when out and about. I have an old treo 600 which works pretty well, but I'm looking at getting the new 700p or blackberry 8700.

    I never place orders on my treo but use it to look up quotes all the time.
  5. I used the Blackberry 8700c but found the technology for trading(device and broker software) a bit clunky for anything other than getting quotes.

    I was hoping to have it as a backup to my desktop connection as well as a means to be able to trade when I couldn't be at my desk, but I think we're a few years away from that yet.

    Quotrek works fine on it, but I sometimes had trouble connecting to the feed. Since the Blackberry data service plus Quotrek amounts to $65 a month, I didn't feel it was worth it.
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