Anyone trades on iPhone?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by turkeyneck, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. How do you like it when you have to monitor the market and you are not at your desk?
  2. well, its better than smoke signals...

    seriously, i only had to do it for 4 days while my mother was in the hospital, so perhaps i missed a trick, but i couldn't get streaming charts at all. drove me nuts. if you simply need to check news, quotes, etc from your broker it works great. But IMHO pure"day" trading would be nearly impossible.

    Still easily the coolest device i've ever owned.
  3. If you can justify the price, check out OQO model 2. Best remote trading solution I have used so far...
  4. I almost wish I couldn't check charts on my iPhone. It makes it impossible to just "step away" from it all.

    But then again, it is slick to be able to pull up a chart anytime anywhere. I would never try to trade off of it though unless I was doing a longer term trade.

    And I will agree with the previous poster who said it is the coolest device!

    Looking forward to 2.0 software release.
  5. Will Java apps run on it for streaming qutoes?
  6. isn't it slow on ATT network? doesn't it still run on outdated EDGE network?
  7. What can you do? 3G is not yet available.
  8. I do believe java works with the iPhone. I primarily trade FX and use for charts from CMS.

    I don't find the Edge network all that bad for normal use. The iPhone does a great job of picking up WiFi networks. In fact, unless you're in car, you will probably be able to find a free WiFi network which is way faster than Edge or 3G.

    I'm not sure the iPhone will ever be the perfect mobile solution for trading intraday but it sure could work for managing long term trades.

    Oanda has just come out with a mobile version of it's FXGame platform which works fine on the iPhone. No charts, but combined with the CMS charts, it's doable.
  9. I don't think so... I remember an interviewer asking Steve Jobs whether iPhone supported full Java and he said no because Java was too bulky and a memory hog. He said it had Javascript but not Java. I have only used it in the store but the slowness of the Edge network and the lack of Java prevented me from seriously considering it for remote trading.

    edit: It looks like there is some talk of Sun bring Java micro edition to iPhone this year but I couldn't find any progress on it otherwise. Here is an article about it:
  10. You are correct. No java.
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