anyone traded from a ship?

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  1. Has anyone traded from a cruise ship or any other type of ship that has a good internet connection? The ship I'm on has a fast internet connection (I can Skype etc.) but I can't seem to be able to load the Sterling platform I'm using... any hints on why this might be?
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  4. The ship's 'net gateway may be configured to only forward certain types of (known) traffic. Thus Skype and things like web traffic will get through, but more esoteric things like Sterling's ports will be blocked. You may be able to get around this using a VPN service (if the necessary ports aren't blocked).
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  6. every cruise ship nowdays has an internet center. go ask them why it will not work.
  7. Yes, this is likely the case. This is not a cruise ship I'm on, and the network onboard no doubt has some security measures in place. I don't have much knowledge on VPN's - would a service like this be what I would want to try?
  8. Yes, that looks right. Unfortunately it will probably not be easy to determine whether that will work without trying it out -- but the ports it uses could very well be blocked as well.
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    i remember when i went on an Alaska cruise in 2006, my nephews ran up a $200 internet bill very quickly.......i hope -for your sake- the charges are lower.
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    edit: never are not on a cruise ship.
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