anyone trade with ?

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  1. does anyone trade with ?

    looks pretty cool, any experience, insight?
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    Pretty interesting thanks for posting. The fee structure is is the main selling point, 1 dollar per contract, 7 dollars max per order. If it takes off this defiantly could be the preferred exchange for big lot players.

    For example a today's futures speculator without a seat is paying around $500 for a 100 lot Crude Oil order round turn, that would only cost $14 at NADEX.

    I've always thought is was somewhat ridiculous that to buy a million dollars worth of MSFT stock costs $5 or less. But to buy or sell 1000 lots ES for instance costs $5000 per round turn if you don't have a seat. It not a whole lot less if you do have a seat. Stock investors wouldn't stand for such high fees, but futures traders just swallow them.
  3. do you have a real/live account with them? or does anybody real/live trade with them?
  4. Ok, low fees but what about the spread ?

    The spread could be huge, in the end you could pay a lot more...
  5. The expiration fees are $1 per contract with no limit. Complete horseshit.
  6. please explain and expound...what about the other products?does anyone trade real with them?
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    I signed up for a demo but I can't log in. It says an unexpected error has occurred. I'll check back with this exchange in a year and it will either be gone or worth trading on.
  8. my update on this:
    1-I am trading with their demo platform...very good and real time
    2-I have a real/live trading account with them...have not trade real/live with them yet
    3-their products are much to choose from.
    4-great customer service when I called with many questions
    5-love that you do not have to be at the 'monitor' all day when having placed a trade
  9. Binaires that are 10-11 wide is considered amazing? $1 per contract fees to close a position? Are you for real? IGMarkets is doing cartwheels right now.
  10. its just rebranded.

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