Anyone trade with Point Direx today?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Market-do, Sep 23, 2002.

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  1. If you traded, when did you trade and how did it go?
  2. Even if you didn't trade how about confirming you have an account. Is it up and running with the switch to White? Who the heck is Computer Clearing Services?
  3. I called and they have no record of an account with me!
  4. So Trader, what are you going to do? Who did you call and when? What was their explanation?
  5. They said I didn't have an account with them.
  6. I know this will not add much to your thread, but it sound like PD has horrible customer service not to inform their traders of what is going on. I could they have a move like they supposedly did this weekend without letting any traders know because we all know how smoothly everything runs all the time. Then after having problems they still have not contacted their traders to let them know the scoop. Something sounds weird. Usually the remote trader is the last to know. I know someone else mentioned they were having problems and the PD office by me everyone abandoned, so those might be some early warning signs. Don't want to scare you but worth looking into. At any rate what happened to you today would not give me much confidence in the firm.
  7. Trader963 has some funny posts but he is blowing smoke up your A&% on this one. He is a self proclaimed liquidity trader however Point Direx does not offer liquidity rebates so he is full of it. He does not and did not have an account with them FWIW.
  8. Jeezus, am I their only customer?
  9. gbungard

    gbungard Guest

    I have been calling Orlando office since yesterday morning,

    know human voice has even answered phone.

    Left messages still know one has returned call.

    This is unbelievable, I am really getting worried about my


    I pulled up account and it shows all 00000.

    Anyone know what the hell is going on.
  10. I never said I had an account with them! I said I called and they said they didn't have an account on record.
    #10     Sep 24, 2002
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