Anyone trade with Nonko Trading?

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  1. Hello I'm looking into joining Nonko trading an offshore prop firm. If anyone has any info or is with the firm please post. Is this a legit and reliable firm?
  2. Nonko appears to be a subgroup of Nevis, which means that Nonko is a subgroup of a subgroup as Nevis is a group at WTS.

    Nevis is reputable so you shouldn't have a problem with Nonko.

    Someone feel free to correct me if I am wrong on the above.

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    No thanks- seems like a micky mouse outfit to me
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    Nonko seems to be the newest firm that traders are talking about. However, I don't think they are related to WTS because they offer DAS and WTS does not offer DAS.

    There is another thread discussing Nonko and someone posted their trading platform and backoffice report showing their trading results.

    I might give them a chance with a small account and will report back. I used to trade on DAS and feel comfortable with the platform. I had an issue getting money out of a different firm so I am reluctant to send a bunch of money to any firm....but will keep everyone posted if I decide to open an account.

  5. there was a thread about these guys a while back. something about them seems shady. They do offer das. they are a subgroup of nevis. Nevis offers some stuff through WTS and then goes another broker for DAS. Someone from there was on here trying to defend them under the impression of a customer lol. look if it up if you're in need of a good laugh. They were trying to pass it off as if they had 4 different clearing-level accounts and were some big hot shot firm. Someone also pointed out their website was just registered this year which contradicts what they posted on the boards. Something just seems off about them.
  6. Nonko is a sub of Nevis that has brokerage services with both WTS and I believe International brokers which explains the wide offering of platforms. I see no reason why not to go with Nonko, Nevis is reputable however I know several other other firms that offer DAS, and it's always best to shop around before making a commitment to join as there are other equally reputable firms around.

  7. i spoke to them. they are dealing with nevis who is a sub of WTS and a sub of IBWorldwide. They're a subgroup of a subgroup. like FSTrader1980 said, they did get caught up on here with some BS about 4 clearing-level accounts which is ridiculous considering its their first year in business. Your $$$ is probably as safe with them as any other international group, considering WTS has your $$ and not them. Why not just try WTS directly?
  8. Wait, so WTS is a sub of IBWorldwide?
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    EVO: That is NOT true. I called Nevis and they said they have no relationship with IBW. Furthermore, Nevis does not offer DAS. I am looking for DAS and they said they cannot help me since they don't offer it.
  10. Well, they were a very short while ago when I last contacted them.

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