Anyone trade while high?

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Have you traded while high?

  1. No.

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  2. Yes and overall it's a NEGATIVE effect imo

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  3. Yes and overall it's a NEUTRAL effect imo

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  4. Yes and overall it's a POSITIVE effect imo

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  1. Aisone


    For the mods, this is a serious question, and of course not meant to encourage or glamorize use of any illegal drugs.

    Watching a documentary on plants, iirc called 'botany of desire' on netflix, they state people 'live in the moment' while high (on mj), not worrying about the past or future.

    Trading [manually not automated] is filled with thoughts of the past and future with analysis as well as fears and/or anxieties cropping up. What's the impact when high?

    Back in the day I've seen the effects of people trading while coked up. That's definitely not what I'm curious about, nor is it pretty. I'm sure I've seen many high on weed too but wasn't aware enough at the time of the clues to observe any patterns.

    Fwiw, I've never gotten high, if that isn't already obvious.
  2. In my day, white people didn't do drugs. We only drank. A little toddy now and again is good for steeling the nerves while trading.
  3. That's probably your answer right there.

    If you have a rules-based system, even a manual one (which is my situation), so long as you can pay enough attention to follow your rules, there should be no difference.
  4. with as many kidney stones as I've had/passed, yea, I've traded while on vicodin..
    I was a Deputy Sheriff for 12 yrs, and one of my problems was trying to figure out if the people I was dealing with was this:
    Are they stoned or just stupid ?!?!
    Of course the usual answer was BOTH!:D
  5. ET has an obligation to federal authorities to report users who say they are doing an illegal substance, and they can prove it medical later.

    next question, "who sells illegal guns to terrorists?"

    pot is illegal...go to your police station and smoke it and see what happens. or go smoke around kids, and see how that works.

    say what you want, there are plenty of cases of people high that kill people while driving. no matter what you say, you will forget about it in a few minutes.

    These are rules by the United States of America...and will be followed!!!!
  6. Fah Q

    Fah Q

    of course, and alcohol is not drug. now way jose. :D
  7. just how stupid do you have to be to take hard drugs with all the scientific evidence we have about what it does to your body?
  8. Clearly not. An antiseptic. A degreaser. A topical anti-itch. A bug killer. A lamp oil. A pain killer. And a serious funcillitator!
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  10. I never had my first drink of alcohol until I had already gone through rehab, never saw the point of it, never got in trouble with the law for doing silly shit like the drinkers did. Just quietly sat home listened to music and occassionly got busted selling to narcs. Played in a band where I was the only white guy. When they found out I smoked pot they thought I was really crazy.
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