Anyone trade using a cellphone?

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  1. I'm in the market for a cellphone with internet access. Just wondering if anyone here makes trades on their cellphone? Is it possible to get streaming quotes to your cellphone? Is it fairly easy to use the web interface on a cellphone to make trades, or does it depend on what brokerage you're using and what cellphone you're using?
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  3. I use IB and I was looking for a phone that I could make emergency trades on. I went to a Verizon store and was able to try out a few phones and log in to IB's mobile trader. I settled on the LG enV. It's definitely not streaming, and its not going to be convenient to use if you've got lots of positions, but for my purposes it's fine.
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    Quotestream Wireless is the best I've seen for stock streaming quotes. They throw you time&sales and level II along with streaming charts for $39 a month. Be carefull though, too much information isn't necessarily good. I find myself sometimes overtrading with too much information. Esignal service is decent but they don't have the level II and time and sales....I've always used Treos with these services...
  5. I Trade with IB and Schwab easily on Verizon's Motorola Q (black version).
    Haven't tried streaming quotes.
  6. I use a Motorola Q from Sprint for IB. Works great.
  7. You can trade with any phone that accesses the internet. On IB you use their MobileTrader. Easy enough to use. I doubt you're going to be using it though for "active" trading. It's just not really suited for that in my opinion. I think it would be better for swing trades. Or, in my case, I have it as a back up in case I've lost power and cannot access the internet via my regular methods.

    I have a BlackBerry, works fine.

    I can't tell you about other brokerage firms.

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    I was using a Treo 700w one Verizons EVDO network, slow and buggy, not happy at all with what was a $650 PDA. Considered the small sony Vaio but really can't lug that thing around. Just bought the ATT tilt and this thing blows the Treo out of the water, very fast internet about 4 times as fast as Treo on the EVDO verizon network, also much faster processing too so must have a more powerful CPU. Highly recommend.

    Edit: Also don't use it to place trades though I could if necessary but to monitor trade/markets if I am away from the trading turret.
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    I was trading on a cellphone using Ameritrade back in 2002.
  10. TOS's thinkmicro interface is pretty slick. Runs on windows pocket pcs and also on blackberrys. Their mobile web interface gets the job done but is a pain sometimes.
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