Anyone trade the NQ (emini Nasdaq) Full-Time?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by increasenow, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. I cannot find one person who trades the NQ emini Nasdaq Futures fulltime...meaning, exclusively and does NOT trade the YM, ES, ER2...I have a number of questions...can you please respond or advise of someone who does...thanks!!!
  2. why not just trade it yourself...... its the same chart pattern as the rest
  3. I paper trade Nq full time :)
  4. I no longer trade NQ exclusively and full time because I've moved into ER2 for such.

    However, I still monitor NQ fulltime and keep track of its pattern signals every trading day so that if I were to return to trading NQ fulltime it will be easy as if I never stopped trading it.

  5. I trade it full time and exclusively when I am unemployed, so fire away. Publicly, for the confusion of all. There are others here who do the same, but I doubt they will exit the closet, for it is a deeply embarrassing fetish.
  6. does anyone trade the NQ (emini nasdaq) fulltime (exclusively)?...anyone?..really want to ask them some questions...thanks!!!
  7. I don't understand why anyone would trade NQ exclusively, I mean sure it's a fair liquid market and offers good opportunity and it's good to focus on fewer instruments, but I always believe a good trader who making a living doing what he do, should have a selection of markets that doesn't trend with eachother.
  8. there are many that just trade the ES exculsively
  9. I am seriously not joking or wasting time
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