Anyone trade the "ECHO Methodology" that was taught by Vito Sisto, former CEO?

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  1. I took the course back in 2003 and just started implementing some of the strategies.

    I should have studied the material much sooner. :eek:

    I've made several thousand this week implementing some of the Trading strategies that were taught, mostly the "Prior day High/Low Failure".

    I picked up $1,000 yesterday from the "Prior day High Failure on BA". :cool:

    Anyone here trade these strategies?

  2. not me....not
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    Could you elaborate more on this and how the setup works? What or how do you scan for your candidates. There are a few places that teach a method to trade breakouts from yesterdays highs or breakdown's from yesterday's lows. However, in a sideways market I observe as a general rule, more often than not, the breakouts/breakdowns setups fail. In which case the method you are using would be very interesting to implement.

    Thanks, Mike
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  8. I was trained by senior student of Vito's and respectfully to Echo and Vito, the markets have changed a bit.
  9. ugh,
    i lost van buren a few g's in 01. I still look for the v return to highs/lows, snap back, ect sometimes for fun. you can make $ but alot of it was more useful in the late 90's.
    i wonder what good ole vito is up to these days?

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    Volk you were not trained by a student of Vito's (that I know of) -you were trained by a guy who was making money with part of the methodology before Vito was out of school. (or at least before he was in charge at Van Buren". About the time Vito started learning how to trade --- the methodolgy was played out for all but the best.
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