Anyone trade standing up?!?

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  1. Just wondered if anyone traded with a high podium style desk and stood up?
    Attny buddy does oil and gas inventories...very concentration intensive stuff..he does it with this neat old slanted oak podium style desk that belonged to his grandfather.
    Says he got into studying in law school standing up, not just to stay awake, but to keep his brain awake.
    I"m considering trying to find a high desk, or have my Brother build me one.
  2. I know what you need. It's a cool desk I've seen..let me search for it.
    There was an article in TM a while back about a guy who walks on a treadmill while trading. I have a treadmill in my office but usually only use it before or after trading.
  3. Sometimes during the trading day I will push my chair back and stand at my desk. I do excercise during the day a lot...have some light dumbells by my desk, a commercial Total-Gym (best piece of equipment I have ever owned...and my family owned a healthclub) setup so that I can see the screens while I do short workouts to help keep me alert, and a spin bike is right here too. I read about a guy in Trader Monthly who trades on a treadmill. His desk is setup on top off the treadmill...and he swears by it. I have a few friends that trade sitting on Swiss-balls...say it helps keep them alert during the day. I think for the trader who finds themselves losing focus due to physical inactivity it can be a good thing to do something to get the blood pumping. I also have a double-ended striking bag four feet from my desk that I get up and smack around during the day to help keep the blood flowing. Of course sometimes the market is plenty enough on its own to keep the blood pumping and the perspiration flowing.
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    There is an interesting desk that is motorized and can be raised to different heights so you can stand and/or sit whenever you like. I've seen it in hospital radiology departments with
    their multimonitor workspaces.
  5. Thats what I want. Its set at a really slow pace.
  6. That is a good idea, but would be worried about flipside of standing up and being ultra focused while trading- getting bored and wanting to trade when I shouldn't.....

    But that is where discipline comes into play.

    P.S.That would probably be pretty good for your back too.
  7. Hemmingway often wrote standing up.

    Just thought I'd throw that in there.

    Good Luck!
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    i bet that guy "cocaine" who posts here trades standing up. he probably trades while running and of course talking real fast.
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