Anyone trade SMI (Swiss Market Index)

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Pager, Jun 4, 2013.

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    Looking to add this contract to my portfolio of markets, it trades 8am until 10 pm CET but can anyone tell me if this like the EStoxx 50 has a settlement price before trade finishes ?, the Stoxx settlement price is taken at 3pm CET but all daily quotes are for the full session, they both trade on EUREX but im buggerd if I can see the info im after !, sure it would be there though.

    Also any other things I should know, how is depth and spread on the bid/ask, how and is slippage an issue, with E-STOXX I very rarely get any.


  2. Pager


    I did watch it on delayed via the website today, first hour was pretty slow and the spread often 4 to 6 points and not much volume about and regularly only 1 each side, once the underlying starts trading it picks up and the spread comes into 1 or 2 points and there’s usually around 5 to 10 each side, will guess after the cash settles those last few hours may be pretty slow although the US is trading so may be a bit more, Anyone ?.

    May give it ago but only the 1 contract, it does do around 20,000 each day though, but slippage I guess is going to be a factor trading the way i do taking the position trade and the first profitable open, works a treat on the Stoxx.