anyone trade single stock futures?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by shovel52, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. shovel52


    The E mini has dried up for now . does anyone trade SSF
    and are there any that are active right now? Any one care
    to comment on spread etc?
  2. T-REX


    What do you mean dried up.

    you could have made MADD POINTS in the ES & NQ over night.:D
  3. Well, from what I know, volume is crap on SSF, so if you think the e-mini has dried up, you're gonna hate SSFs

  4. shovel52


    Thanks that is what I was looking for! How about micosoft?
    that i think is the most active stock. I was told that the ssf
    follows along with it, I don't know, but if that is true, It seems
    looking into , or still no?
  5. volume really is much lower than I would have thought

    the day after an earnings report date.

    gosh ... could SSF's only be useful to PDT traders ?

  6. my broker now claims that SSF's fall into the PDT rule too ?

    I just don't get it ... THE S.E.C. wins again over the little guy ...

  7. tango29


    real lite from what I understand. Also thought I read that in quite a few cases the open interest is almost all in the hand of onetrader or firm, so I would think that could be a bit dangerous for anyone else.
  8. fall into the PDT rule , even if they are taxed like equities (?)

    I will say that you have to give up the spread to get in and out

    and the volume is still not much for most of the SSF's
  9. why dredge this thread up :confused:
  10. lescor


    I would like to know if any broker, retail or prop, will allow you to deliver stock against the contract at expiration. I'm very interested in arbing ssf's vs. common and the illiquidity and wide spreads don't bother me.

    Being able to deliver would cut the number of transactions and commissions in half. Is anyone here arbing them on a regular basis? Do any prop firms have access to them?

    #10     Dec 10, 2003