Anyone Trade in Rare Earths?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by j_wentz1, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. j_wentz1


    A noob question if you don't mind. I was just wondering if anyone traded much besides the common stuff (gold, silver, etc...) and trades things like Tantalium, Lithium, etc...

    How would you even get started in trading "off the beaten path" stuff like that? Does anyone actively invest/trade in rare earths in one way or another?
  2. i highly doubt there is a place where u can trade the rare earths but maybe you can invest in the companies that the mine them... like angus ross plc..................are u trying to arb miniing stocks with different metals...hahahahahahh

    the new thing is ruthenium and rhodium which is price tracked throught johnson matthey valley forge ....these metals are used in things like ipods, flat screen tvs etc, so lateyl the price has jumped in both like a cuople hundred bucks.
  3. besides i dont think any broker will allow u to by for your PA account, i have a funny feeling that they will think u are credit worthy