Anyone trade in Hong Kong

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Decoil, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. Decoil


    I just arrived Hong Kong, and I want to find a reliable broker, is an one trade NYSE there? Any suggestions? Thank you!


  2. There is an E-Trade office in Hong Kong. You may trade local Hong Kong listed stocks or US listed stocks with them. They said their trading tools are the same as the ones in the USA.
  3. cokezero


    I suggest you go with interactive brokers. They have an office in Admiralty (pacific place) and all their staffs speak good english (and some only english). Price is good and you can trade world wide products. Also they have a server farm in HK.

    E-Trade no longer has a physical office in HK. All they have is a bunch of servers located somewhere in an industrial building.

    If you want personal attention and talk to a broker on the phone the price is riduculous here for non-hk stocks and is a complete rip off. No to mention most of the local firms don't have staff that speak good english. If you really don't like electronic trading (interactive brokers) try HSBC brokerage. Price is still a rip off but at least you get staffs who speak reasonable english.

    Hope it helps.
  4. Decoil


    Hi Boli,

    Thank you! I just touched a local securities firm- Phillip Securities, the transaction fee is quite high - Max (0.25%, HK$100) - do you have any other suggestions?

  5. Decoil


    Hi cokezero,

    Thank you very much, I would try interactive securities. I also found some local firms, but the price is very high as you said for non-hk stocks.

    By the way, I can speak a little Cantonese:D

    Good weekend and best regards,