anyone trade eminis (YM,ES,NQ) off of a :15,:30 minute chart---solely??

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  1. anyone trade eminis (YM,ES,NQ) off of a :15,:30 minute chart---solely??...are for your major confirmations of entrance and exits etc...
  2. Nope


    solely, certainly not. A majority of the time yes. :)

    Why do you ask?
  3. Btruck


    Have you considered Volume or Share based candle charts instead of time based charts?
  4. no...I do not have that platform and cannot can I incorporate volume in to my trading of the YM...I.E. volume gets to certain levels etc.
  5. It seems to give a more accurate picture where it is headed...escpecially using candlestick charts
  6. Nope


    I agree 100%. It's certainly not for people who like to trade more than 1-2 times a day though. I personally only trade 5-8 times per week but flat at the end of every day.
  7. do you trade the YM or ES or NQ?

  8. I have a 30 min chart next to a 4 hour chart in the same screen per contract and use the direction of the 30 min to determine which direction to lean on in the 4 hour charts.
  9. awesome to, obviously you look for 1-2 charts per day or per every 1-2 days...correct?
  10. ooops 1-2 traders per day...sorry (not charts)
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