Anyone Trade Dia?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. dsq


    Ive just started trading dia because individual stocks are to nuts to play now.Id rather just play the rallies in the dow instead of figuring out if a stock will follow the general market.
    Only drawback is it is a high dollar unit.But you only have to play a few hundred and you get good proce swings fast.Nothing lagging.
  2. DIA is as realtime as it gets. Zero lag.
  3. The high share cost isn't really a drawback because it lowers your commission costs. For instance, IB's rate is $0.005/share for 200 shares or more. If you buy 200 shares of DIA, the commission is only 10 cents. If you trade $1 stocks on the other hand, you'd theoretically need to buy 100 times as many shares (assuming the same % volatility). That'd be $10 for the same *theoretical* trade risk.
  4. dsq


    dia just chopped around 3pts in the last hour alone...too bad i dont trade last hour of day...Up 1 pt and down 1pt in 1o mins...damn...ive been shorting dia today...i pay 5$/ticket any size/dollar amount.