anyone trade CFD's

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ssankat, May 19, 2003.

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    Started using a demo account at GCI trading looks pretty good, , low margin as i have limited amount of capital and am located in canada so legally i am allowed to cfd's as i know in the US it is not allowed. anyone with experience trading these derivatives with respect liquidity and stop and limit orders being filled would be greatly appreciated
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    have encountered unreliable software and fills b4 from a friend's account. Tough to trade on.
  3. what is the advantage of trading CFDs in Canada as compared to futures?
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    although brokers don't charge you commission for trading cfds, they make you pay large spreads ~ 3 ticks from last sale for the es, i'm not sure about other contracts ~ so you're in the hole right from the start

    the benefit i guess would be that you get instant fills at the stated price and the low margin rates