Anyone trade aussie bonds?

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  1. Hello.

    Does anyone trade XT on the ASX? Is it liquid? Thanks!
  2. s0mmi


    Yes I've been trading them for around 2 years now and trade the 3 years, 10 years & Bank Bills using primarily spreading techniques.
  3. bone

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    I have two clients who trade on the SFE.

    Both are former floor traders and they are spreaders. Seems to be the most consistent way to do it.
  4. Trade AUD Bonds/ front end bills . Plenty of opportunity and volatility much more so than Euro/ US markets .

    Plus in the correct time zone

  5. GammaGod


    Are these worth trading in European time or is the vast majority in Aussie time?
  6. GammaGod


    Does anyone trade these in London hours?

    How liquid/active are they or is Aussie hours really the only option?
  7. s0mmi


    Yes there is enough liquidity to trade the Aussie bonds during the European and U.S. session.

    It's a very popular thing to do. And competitive.
  8. Yes, they're quite liquid during London hours... Dealers hedge them with USTs normally, so there's a lot of Oz - US spreading that goes on.

    Don't forget that everything in Oz is backwards. They got cash-settled bond futures and physically settled STIRs.
  9. elisab


    No problem of liquidity for the Kangaroo bond, but I prefer the ETF that replicate the performance of the Aussie.
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    Late to the party here but I hope someone picks this up. I'm looking to trade Aus bonds from Australia but am struggling to find a broker that allows margin to clients in Aus, and APIs. Anyone have any recommendations?
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