Anyone trade at Lieber & Weissman?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Weasel, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. Weasel


    Comments on this firm?
  2. Gene Weissman who runs the firm is a very stand up guy.

    I don't trade with the firm though.

  3. I do not trade at this firm and so I cannot comment on trading specifics.

    However, some months ago when I was looking for a broker I met with Mr. Weissman to discuss a trading deal. I did not end up at Lieber and Weissman but I can attest to Gene Weissman being a stand up guy!

    On my impression of Gene Weissman I would recomend his firm.I am sure you will be hard pressed to find any thing on these board to the contrary.
  4. We don't trade there but; I have had extensive talks with him and would highly recommend him.
  5. I dont trade with them but my impressions of the firm (and of Gene Weissman on these boards) is that they are a highly professional outfit, committed to trader development and the provision of good resources...
  6. man, does Lieber and Weissman have ANY traders at all???

    speak up fellas! now's your time to shine! :)

    (btw, I've heard Gene's a stand up guy....)
  7. We have approx. 100 traders(sometimes more ,sometimes less) and generally they are not in chat rooms. Many of our traders are remote and our biggest in house office is in Berwyn , Pa. We do a good chunk of the oil driller volume(OSX) on the NYSE (RIG ,SLB )etc. Most of our traders are busy trading and are not in chat rooms or on the net(at least not during trading hours). We have also started an associated company E-Brokerage, LLC at to handle hedge funds and customer accounts. Thanks to everyone for the kind words. Most of the companies sponsoring threads on the Elite board are well run. It's a matter of opinion who you trade with. Generally at LWS, we do not have the lowest rates , but we try to focus on customer service , programming and consulting services.

    Gene Weissman
    Lieber & Weissman Sec., LLC